Brand Highlights: G-LOC Brakes

With more than 50 years of racing experience, G-LOC Brakes continuously pushes the envelope in the friction industry. Known for their torque control characteristics along with unmatched modulation and release characteristics, G-LOC compounds are some of the most disc/rotor friendly in the industry, giving you maximum control without unnecessarily sacrificing speed or pace.

Zip Corvette is pleased to stock G-LOC Performance Brakes for 2014-2021 Corvettes. Zip recommends G-LOC brake pads for Corvette owners who want the greatest performance from their C7-C8 Corvette’s factory engineered brake system. G-LOC brake pads allow for fine tuning your Corvette’s braking characteristics depending on your specific application and use.

The 2014-2019 G-LOC R6 Front & Rear Brake Pads are the suggested street/autocross compound for C7 Corvettes. R6 is an ultra-high cold torque compound delivering consistent performance from dead cold (0°F) up to 1000°F+ (0°C to 537°C+). The advanced compound matrix provides an excellent initial bite, high coefficient of friction at lower temperatures along with very progressive brake modulation and release characteristics. The R6 compound is widely used for street use as well, but this compound will more than likely make noise on the street. R6 will have elevated levels of dust and noise. NOT recommended for road racing (closed circuit) use in most applications.


The 2014-2021 Corvette G-LOC R12 Front & Rear Brake Pads are the suggested track compound. The R12 compound has an excellent initial bite, high and consistent torque, and outstanding fade resistance. The R12 is more disc/rotor aggressive and NOT recommended for daily use on the street due to elevated levels of dust and noise. Ideal for HPDE and road course events. Designed and engineered by racers for racers.

The 2020-2021 G-LOC GS-1 Ceramic Front & Rear Brake Pads are high performance ceramic street compounds for the new C8 Corvette. The GS-1 brake pad produces very little dust and very little noise, while maintaining excellent initial bite and torque for street use. GS-1 has been unmatched in the industry for disc/rotor friendliness as well as longevity. This compound’s excellent performance on the street provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention.

From street to race, G-LOC has you covered!

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