1998-2004 Corvette Trunk Lid Strut Replacement

Do you have to use your fingernails to pry up your deck lid every time you open it? Is the use of a prop rod mandatory to keep the deck lid up and open? If you are having these problems on your 1998-2004 C5 Corvette Convertible or Fixed Roof Coupe, the deck lid struts are worn out. After continual use, they lose their ability to lift or hold the trunk lid open. The solution is simple. Contact Zip Corvette Parts for a pair of  C5 Corvette Trunk Struts. You can replace both struts in just about 20 minutes and all you need is a small flat blade screwdriver.

The deck lid on my 99 Fixed Roof Coupe would not pop open so a new pair of struts was in order. Follow along as we make the simple repair and do a new deck lid strut.


Step 1

01: Here is all you will need: Two (2) new C5 Corvette Trunk Lid struts and a small flat blade screwdriver.

Step 2

02: Open the deck lid and use a prop rod to keep it up securely.

Step 3

03: Take your flat blade screwdriver and pry the retaining clip partially off one of the struts on the deck lid.

Step 4

04: After you have pryed the retaining clip partially off, grab the strut and pull it off the deck lid ball.

Step 5

05: Now do the same to the bottom mount of the strut. Partially pry off the clip. Then remove the strut from the body mount ball.

Step 6

06: Take the new strut and align the upper mount (This is the end that has the writing on the body of the strut) with the ball mount on the deck lid. Now snap it over and onto the deck lid mount stud.(It will pop onto the ball.) It is that simple. Snap the lower strut mount onto the body mount stud and the new strut is in place.

Repeat the same procedure from Step 3 to Step 6 on the opposite side. I always recommend replacing both struts.This way it will open correctly right from the start.

Step 7

07: Here is our deck lid fully up and open without the previously ever present prop rod.

1998-2004 Corvette Trunk Lid Strut Replacement: Corvette Trunk Lid Strut Replacement

Source: Zip Corvette Parts
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