1990-1996 Corvette Bose Speaker Replacement

Are you tired of having to listen to headphones in your 1990’s C4 Corvette? Without them, all you would get out of your old Delco Bose speakers is loud popping sounds and static. Now there’s a solution from Zip Corvette Parts in the form of new replacement C4 Corvette Bose speakers. The problem existed for Andy at Zip Corvette with his 1991 Corvette, so we grabbed a set of the replacement Corvette speakers to replace the old speakers in Andy’s very original C4.

This is actually an easy installation, and once you see how easy it is, you will want to kick yourself for listening to the static for so long. You will only need three tools for the job: a Phillips screwdriver, a 7mm socket with an extension and a small flat-blade screwdriver. This procedure should only take about 15 minutes per side. It’s best to disconnect the battery before starting. On the 1990-1996 with air bags, you need to pay extra attention to where the speakers are plugged in because it’s also the same location as the air bag sensor connectors. Gather your tools and follow along as we replace your Corvette’s front Bose speakers in our 1991 Corvette. 1990-1996 Corvette Bose Speaker Replacement:

Step 1

01: Start by removing the small trim piece in the doorjamb. It is held in place by two Phillips screws.

Step 2

02: After the trim is removed, remove the carpeted sill panel. There are several Phillips screws in the outboard side of the sill panel. There is also a piece of Velcro attaching it to the Bose speaker.

Step 3

03: Once all the fasteners are removed, you can gently pull up on the sill from the back. While lifting from the back of the sill, you can remove it once the front slides out of position.

Step 4

04: With the sill removed, you can see your Corvette’s Bose speaker assembly. There are four 7mm screws that attach the speaker to your Corvette. The two in the rear are pictured here, plus there are two in the front that you may have to pull the carpet back a little to see.

Step 5

05: Once all the screws are removed, you will see the wiring harness from the speaker assembly to the car. Carefully disconnect the electrical connector and remove the speaker from the car.

Step 6

06: As you can see, Zip Corvette Parts replacement speaker assembly (right) looks just like the original assembly that came out of the car.

Step 7

07: Here is a close up of the connector. It only plugs in one way, so if you have to force the connector together, then you are putting it together the wrong way. It should snap together easily.

Step 8

08: Once the speaker assembly is connected to the harness, bolt the new speaker assembly in place. Be careful putting the harness back in its original place because you don’t want to disturb the bright yellow air bag harness or sensor.

Step 9

09: Now that the speaker and harness is in place, you can replace your Corvette door sill. You may need to raise the emergency brake handle in order to get the sill to slide around it. Make sure you get all of the wires under the carpet in the front and then all the carpet under the front of the sill. With the sill back in place, reinstall the screws and the trim piece.

Step 10

10: Once you are done, it looks as if it was never worked on and you can actually hear great tunes come out of the Delco Gold Bose system.

Bettering the Bose: 1990-1996 Bose Speaker Replacement

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