1969-1982 Corvette Door Outer Window Seals Replacement

When your Corvette door glass is rolled up, is there a large gap between the door and outside of the glass? Well, Pilgrim, there shouldn’t be. On a Corvette there is a rubber seal that fills this area. It is called the Door Glass Outer Window Seal. It also goes by a more common name of Window Wiper. The purpose of this seal is to keep water out and also gently wipe the outside of the window when it is rolled up or down. This is very helpful in wet or foggy weather. By rolling the window down, the seal will wipe the outside of the glass allowing you to see. Pretty neat, huh? These seals are easily replaced and one call to Zip Corvette Parts, 8067 Fast Lane , Mechanicsville, VA 23111. (800) 962-9632, will get you all the Corvette Parts you will need to do the job. The only other thing you will need is a few hand tools and one afternoon. Our Project 77’s outer window seals needed replacement so follow along as we show you how easy it is to do. 1969-1982 Corvette Door Outer Window Seals Replacement:

Step 1

01: Here you can see that the entire rubber lip of our Corvette’s outer seal is missing.

Step 2

02: Start by removing the door panel. Use a window crank spring removal tool on the window handle and lock knob.

Step 3

03: You will need to use an Allen wrench to remove the bezel around the door mirror remote control. Now carefully remove the door panel.

Step 4

04: Loosen the door glass lower stops. This will allow the door glass to go down further into the door. When they are loose, roll the window down so that the top of the glass is below the bottom edge of the outer seal.

Step 5

05: Remove the two retaining screws at both ends of the outer seal.

Step 6

06: Use your fingertips to grab the stainless steel bead at the top of the outer seal. Now roll the bead toward the inside of the car and snap the clips out of the door. It is that simple.

Step 7

07: You can now install the new Corvette door outer seal. Line up the retaining clips and holes. Place your fingers on each side of the clip and snap it into the door.

Step 8

08: I like to install a few screws for added safety. Mark the drill bit with tape as we did here. (You are going into a double panel and you do not want to drill into the outer panel of the door.) Now drill two or three holes and install 8×3/8 phillips pan head screws. When they are installed, the outer seal is secure.(New retainers and grommets are provided.) Now you can remove the old movement.

Step 9

09: Before you re-install your door panel, you should make sure that the door glass now fits correctly. Roll your window up and carefully close the door. Check how it aligns with the windshield pillar and the rear door glass weatherstrip. It should be parallel with the windshield pillar and rest against the rear door glass weatherstrip.

Step 10

10: If you need to adjust the glass front or rear, loosen these two bolts. They will allow you to move the glass forward or back. Make a slight adjustment, re-snug the bolts and check the alignment. When you get a good fit, tighten the bolts.

Step 11

11: Now check how the glass fits into the Corvette weatherstrip at the pillar and roof. If the glass goes inside or outside of the weatherstrip instead of fitting into it, you will have to make another adjustment.

Step 12

12: Loosen the front and rear anti-rattlers before you make any inboard or outboard adjustment. You do not have to remove them but you will want them to be loose.

Step 13

13: To move your Corvette’s door glass inboard or outboard you will have to loosen these bolts. You may only have to adjust the front and not the rear or vice versa, or you may have to adjust both. It just depends on how far the glass is in or out. Remember to adjust a small amount at a time and check the progress after each adjustment. When you have reached the final adjustment and the glass fits against the weatherstrip, then push the anti-rattlers against the glass and tighten them into place.

Step 14

14: The height adjustment is next. These two bolts stop the glass from going up too far. They are called the upper stops. Start by loosening them. Roll the glass up into the T-top or roof panel weatherstrip. When you have a good seal between the glass and rubber, tighten these stops into place. Now roll the glass down into the door. Stop the glass just below the outer seal. Now slide the lower glass stops up against the glass rollers. (You do remember these stops from the beginning of the article, don’t you?) Tighten them into place. The lower stops are now set.

Step 15

15: Your glass adjustments should now be set. You can start the re-assembly. You should have a plastic watershield between your door panel and the door. This shield will keep condensation and water from damaging the back of your door panel. If you do not have one, they are easy to make. Take some strip caulking and lay it around the inner edge of the door.

Step 16

16: Now take a common large trash bag and open it out fully. Lay this over the door opening and press the outer edges against the strip caulking. Cut an X at each door, window and lock stud and push it down around the base. Use a razor blade or utility knife and cut off the excess around the door. Voila!! A door panel watershield.

Step 17

17: Here is our Project 77 Corvette with the doors assembled and new outer window seals installed. Ready for any foggy or rainy day.

The Outer Seal: 1968-1982 Corvette Outer Door Glass Replacement

By: Greg Donahue
Photos by: Author

Source: Zip Corvette Parts
8067 Fast Lane | Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | (800)962-9632

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  1. Ron

    How about the inner seal replacement on a C3 Corvette?

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  3. Jesus Gutierrez

    I have a 68 Vette I am trying to remove the outer door seal but the window doesn’t lower enough to take the last 2 screws I have loosened the lower window stop and it is not working are there 2 screws 1 in front and the rear is there any videos on the subject thanks

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