1968-1982 Door Hinge Spring Replacement & Handle Flap Repair

Do you have to prop your Corvette’s door to keep it open? If so, then your Corvette door hinge spring is either broken, disconnected or missing. The replacement is simple when you have the right part and right tool. All you need to do is call  Zip Corvette Parts, 8067 Fast Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, 1-800-962-9632 and they can supply a new Corvette door hinge spring and the correct spring installation tool. The door hinge spring was missing on one of our Corvettes, so a new one was in order. The installation is a simple 10 minute job with the right tool.

A word of warning: if you try to install a new door hinge spring without the installation tool, not only will it take considerably longer, (if you can install it at all) but you could do damage to your Corvette’s door.

While we were at it one of our Corvette’s door handles had a weak spring in it so we also installed Zip’s Corvette door handle springs. Follow along as we get our Corvette  door to stay open and our handle flap to stay up.

Step 1

01: Here is what you will need to repair your Corvette door hinge spring and weak or broken door handle flap spring. A new door hinge spring, the door hinge spring installation tool and the door handle flap spring.

Step 2

02: This is how the new hinge spring should be installed in your Corvette with the flat area at the top of the spring.

Step 3

03: Put the flat area of the hinge spring into the slot at the top of the door hinge.

Step 4

04: Now take the hinge spring installation tool and press the blade of the tool against the bottom of the spring. Use the leverage area of the tool and lay it against the door jamb and snap the hinge spring into place at the bottom of the hinge. Remember to keep the flat area of the hinge spring in the slot at the top of the hinge while you snap the bottom of the spring into place. It’s that simple!

Step 5

05: Here is what our Corvette’s door handle flap looked like. The spring was weak and would not return the flap to its natural position.

Step 6

06: Squeeze the ends of the handle spring together enough to slide down into the spring area of the handle. Push the new flat spring down all the way into place.

Step 7

07: Once installed, the new spring will pop the handle flap back up to its natural position and best of all, you didn’t have to disassemble anything.

Corvette Door Springs: 1968-1982 Door Hinge Spring Replacement & Handle Flap Repair

Source: Zip Corvette Parts

8067 Fast Lane | Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | (800) 962-9632

The Author would like to thank Scott Coral of Greg Donahue Collector Car Restorations, Inc. for his assistance with this article.

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