Feature Friday: December 2, 2022

There’s nothing we enjoy more here at Corvette Magazine than to see and hear about your Corvettes!

Send us a picture of your Vette, along with any important specs and we just might feature your prized possession on this page for all to see. If you’re working on a major restoration or upgrade, we want to hear about that, too. The best thing about the Corvette lifestyle is being able to share your passion with others!

Check out this week’s featured Corvettes:

Tim's 1967

While working as a Police Officer in Detroit in 1992, I discovered a badly run down 1967 Coupe that needed serious love and attention & purchased it a few weeks later. It had most of the windows broken, headlight system cut out, the wheels & side pipe covers had been stolen. The chrome trim, dash and center council were missing, there were major fiberglass cracks, the motor was seized motor and the transmission was blown, there was no carpet, the seats were dry rotten. Most of the work was completed by myself in my garage & after 30 years, I am very excited to report it is road ready thanks to Zip!

My 1967 has a 427, auto power glide trans, A/C, AM/FM, power windows, side-pipes, gold line knock off wheels, painted greenwood with saddle tan leather interior.

Gary's 2011

My 2011 Corvette Grand Sport, this is my 4th Vette and it’s incredible!

Terry's 1973

1973, mostly stock Corvette. Slowly but surely replacing old and worn interior parts.

Al's 1982

I have an 82, last of an era for C3 and it’s up for sale at this moment. I interested in the newer car’s, C7 & C8’s. Maybe one day, I’ll have this 82 sold and I’ll be looking for my next C7 or C8!

Juan's 1981

1981, Edelbrock, 500 HP

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