2005-2013 Corvette Console Cup Holder Assembly Replacement

by John Pfanstiehl

Bum Phillips said “There’s two kinds of coaches, them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be fired.” Likewise, there are two kinds of C6 console cup holders: them that’s broken and them that’s gonna be broken. This cup holder needed replacement after 14 years in a garaged car.

Fortunately, Zip Corvette offers a 2005-2013 Console Cup Holder Assembly w/Rotating Door. Replacement requires no special tools and is fairly easy. The most challenging part is figuring out how to release the different electrical connectors that plug into console switches. To make it easier, each of them is described and illustrated below. Armed with that knowledge, the cup holder assembly replacement should take less than an hour.

Step 1

01: This shows the typical mode of failure. The rotating slide cover breaks down and comes apart.

Step 2

02: Open the console door to remove the four T-15 screws. Removal of the door may not be necessary but it’s easy to do and provides more room for the next steps.

Step 3

03: Pull up on the rear of the tombstone-shaped cover to disengage its snap clips for removal.

Step 4

04: The wire connector, if the cover has a switch, is now easy to see and disconnect.

Step 5

05: Remove the two T-15 console screws. Note: on later model C6s, simply remove the two round caps for access to the screws underneath.

Step 6

06: Gently pull up on the parking brake boot to disengage its snap clips. It is fastened in two places on both the inner and outer sides. Pull the boot up and turn it. The boot does not have to be removed from the handle. Remove the two 7mm screws that are now visible.

Step 7

07: Pull the inner kick panel down at its rear and middle to disengage its lip that goes behind console.

Step 8

08: Then pull the kick panel rearward to disengage the front two clips. A little finessing may be necessary by pushing the rear down a bit and pulling to disengage the upper, before pulling more to disengage the lower front clip.

Step 9

09: The console simply lifts up over the automatic transmission shifter handle and boot. Manual transmissions require removal of the shifter knob. In that case, pull the leather cover down from the knob to access the one Torx screw on the bottom left side. If there is a chrome collar, turn it and push it down.

Step 10

10: Carefully pull the console up and out. Start by lifting the rear, pull the sides back from the dash and then disengage the top. The shifter may need to be moved to neutral.

Step 11

11: Unplug the cigarette lighter connector. A small flat blade screw driver can help to push in on the single tab on the connector.

Step 12

12: Note: the cigarette lighters long cylindrical plastic piece is not removed; the smaller connector plugs into it.

Step 13

13: Removal of the traction control connector is different. A tab on the switch housing needs to be pried out to remove the connector.

Step 14

14: Disconnect seat heater switches. The single tab on the connector needs to be pushed in.

Step 15

15: The cup holder assembly could be replaced in the car without disconnecting all the switches. However, at this point, it’s pretty easy to disconnect the remaining ones and take the console out.

Step 16

16: Press the tab on the lower side of the hazard lights switch connector to remove it.

Step 17

17: Remove the four Phillips head screws and it’s time to say goodbye to the ugly broken cup holder.

Step 18

18: Install the new Zip Products console cup holder assembly. Check to make sure its door rotates smoothly before tightening the screws.

Step 19

19: Plug all the connectors into their respective switches. They only go in one way making this step easy.

Step 20

20: This view shows where the console clips are located. Two clips are on each side with another two near the top.

Step 21

21: Press the console into the dash. Check to make sure all six clips are engaged. Reinstall the two screws at the rear of the console and their cover(s).

Step 22

22: Install the kick panel making sure its lip goes behind the console. Reinstall its two screws.

Step 23

23: Snap the parking brake boot back in place. This shows one of the two clips on the outer side.

Step 24

24: If necessary, pull the boot up over the lip on the bottom of the handle. Reinstall the console door. The cup holder replacement is completed.

Step 25

25: The new cup holder looks perfect and its rotating door functions as new. Now there’s no eye sore in this interior.

Step 26

26: Consider disconnecting the battery if the ignition is on for an extended period (the gearshift lever cannot be in park when removing or installing the console). Note: if the battery is disconnected, the windows may need to be indexed.

2005-2013 Console Cup Holder Assembly Replacement

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