Feature Friday: February 17, 2023

There’s nothing we enjoy more here at Corvette Magazine than to see and hear about your Corvettes!

Send us a picture of your Vette, along with any important specs and we just might feature your prized possession on this page for all to see. If you’re working on a major restoration or upgrade, we want to hear about that, too. The best thing about the Corvette lifestyle is being able to share your passion with others!

Check out this week’s featured Corvettes:

Gerry's Project 1971

Bought this mutt in April 2022. No motor, ’71 with ’69 front clip & ’77 hood. After I got it home & made my list, it had 101 issues. Tinkering & getting the issues taken care of is a blast & thanks to Zip the parts are there & reasonably priced!

Going with a hot rod, semi gasser look! Always loved the Stingrays & now I HAVE ONE!!!

Ozzie's 2003

Bought my 2003 this past summer. It had two previous owners. Combined they only put 40k on it. I have had a 79 & 86 convertible, but this is by far my best one.

It is completely stock. Might had a spoiler, but probably that’s all. I live in Wisconsin so have to wait until Spring!

Ryan's 1982

1982 Corvette that I purchased two years ago. New exhaust, tires, brakes, rotors, & interior carpet.

Just turned 89,000 and can’t wait to put on more!

Ronald's 2014

2014 Night Race Blue 7 Manual. Graphics shop in Dover Delaware custom made the Stingray logo on side & rear. Very reflective at night when light hits it.

Paul's 1986

This is my ’86 Z51 that I bought 6 years ago. It’s stock except for upgraded brakes, 17″ American Racing Torq Thrust wheels & LEDs. I love working on it & customizing to make it mine like detailing the engine compartment & polishing the plenum.

When the C4’s first came out I was an NCO in the Army & I fell in love with new sleek design. I wanted one immediately but that was not possible on an army salary. So, many years later, I retired for the second time & decided to get one. My wife & I searched for two years to find the perfect car for me. 

The best part is driving it. I am so glad I finally have my vette!

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