Brand Highlights: Club Glove

What happens when there is a collision of passions – passion for travel and passion for the Corvette lifestyle? The results are a beautiful new line of GM Licensed Corvette luggage by Club Glove, the preeminent supplier of US made golf equipment and travel bags.

Whether you are the proud owner of a 1959 Corvette who wants to showcase your enthusiasm one a weekend date, or the owner of a 2020 Corvette looking forward to burning up the countryside on your next road tour, you can have the finest American made luggage available. Designed for the discriminating traveler and emblazoned with your most favorite Corvette emblem, these luggage pieces offer the perfect combination for enjoying the Corvette lifestyle.

The Rolling Duffels and Carry Ons are available in 16 different color options and your choice of Corvette emblem covering every generation Corvette from C1 to the Next Generation 2020 Corvette. Perfect for matching the color of your Corvette interior or making sure your luggage stands out on the baggage claim carousel. A must-have for the discriminating traveler.

The new Club Glove Ballistic Ice Box cooler is the perfect cooler for road trips. Not only will this cooler keep your favorite canned or bottled beverages ICE COLD but it will NOT LEAK due to its superior design including the “welded” insulated material and high end waterproof/airtight zipper system. No longer will you need to worry about having your cooler tip over in your Corvette when you put your foot to the throttle or hang that next curve.

This durable and functional luggage is CUSTOM MADE in the USA with the emblem of your choice, so delivery is typically 1-2 weeks. Plan ahead before your next road trip, then pack your bags and hit the road in style with Club Glove!

Check out Caroline in the Fast Lane’s video highlighting various Club Glove luggage!

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