C6 Corvette Door Handle & Rear Spoiler Replacement

With the introduction of the new C6 Corvette, GM created the finest automobiles available, however it seems they left the door open for a few personalized improvements. So what better way to improve the looks of your Corvette than with GM’s own line of bolt-on Corvette accessories? To date GM has released door handles, rear license plate frames and rear spoilers painted to match the exterior color of your Corvette. Follow along and we’ll show you just how easy it can be for you to transform your Corvette with a few personalized touches, with parts available from Zip Corvette Parts, 8067 Fast Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, 1-800-692-9632. Now C6 Corvette Door Handle & Rear Spoiler Replacement.

Above: All C6 Corvettes come with flat black door handles regardless of the exterior color

Step 1

01: Remove the two Phillips screws on the backside of the handle.

Step 2

02: Once the screws are removed, carefully pull back on the bezel just enough to remove it from the door.

Step 3

03: Now carefully push the door opening switch out of the bezel.

Step 4

04: This is the door opening switch assembly.

Step 5

05: With the new bezel in hand, you need to push the switch into the new bezel. This will be a little harder then the original bezel since it is painted. Just apply a little pressure to the switch and it will lock into the bezel.

Step 6

06: Install the bezel onto your Corvette’s door by placing the lip of the bezel on the outside of the door first. Using light pressure push the bezel until it fully seats in the door.

Step 7

07: Re-install the two Phillips screws that you removed from the original bezels.

Step 8

08: This is the door bezel installed.

Step 9

09: Final shots of the painted door bezels. Up next, the new rear spoiler…

Step 10

10: This is the stock flat black spoiler that comes stock on all 2005 and later base model Corvettes. The same removal and installation procedures can be used on Z06 and Grand Sport Corvettes.

Step 11

11: The first step in replacing the stock Corvette spoiler is to gain access to the retaining bolts through the taillight openings. You will need to remove the two inboard taillights for this. They are held in place with one T-15 torx screw.

Step 12

12: Once the screw is out, the taillight can be slipped out of its opening. You can either leave it hanging by the wiring harness or you can disconnect it.

Step 13

13: With the taillights out, you will need to first reach your hand into the opening in order to get to the brake light that is in the spoiler. You will need to disconnect the harness.

Step 14

14: Using a 10mm socket, you will need to remove the 4 retaining nuts that hold the spoiler in place. Once you have removed them, carefully push on the studs pull up on the spoiler until it comes off of the bumper. 

Step 15

15: This is the brake light connector that is to be unplugged in step 15.

Step 16

16: Using a 4.5mm 12 point socket, you will need to remove the four studs from your Corvette’s factory spoiler. Two of these are used to retain the brake light, which will also have to be removed. You will install the brake light and the four studs into the new Corvette painted spoiler.

Step 17

17: You will now reinstall the spoiler and the brake lights in the opposite order of which you removed them. Do not over tighten the retaining nuts for the spoiler you could easily crack it. Also do not forget to plug in the brake light or else you are going to be removing the taillights again. As you can see, the difference the painted spoiler makes leaves you wondering why it was not done that way to begin with.

C6 Corvette Door Handel & Rear Spoiler Replacement: C6 Painted Door Handle & Rear Spoiler Install

Text and images by Justin Abbott

Source: Zip Corvette Parts
8067 Fast Lane | Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | (800) 962-9632

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