2014-2019 Corvette Kwik 7-Speed Billet Shifter Install

Pick up a Kwik billet 7-speed shifter for your C7 Corvette at Zip Corvette today and we will show you how to install it. This is a easy installation that will only require an hour to two of your time to install. You are going to need a couple of tools to install the new shifter, all of them are fairly common and if you do not have them please do not attempt the installation until you do. You are going to need a ¼ ratchet with extension with the following sockets, 10mm.

You will need a small micro flat blade screwdriver or a Delphi pin remover Zip part number TL-164. This is used to help remove some of the electrical plugs on the underside of the console. You will also need a trim remover, the plastic ones would be best so that you do not scratch anything on the console. If you are used to removing GM trim than you may be able to do it by hand, but I would not recommend that since you could break or damage the console. You can find the trim removers at most NAPA stores or SnapOn and MAC tools also have them on the trucks.  You will also need a Torx T-25 socket or nut driver. I would highly recommend the SnapOn ratchet nut driver, you will see the one I use in the instruction picture. It helps when tightening the parts back in place because you will not be able to over torque and break anything.

Please follow below on how to remove and install your new Kwik Shifter. There is a list on the bottom of the instruction of the tool list.

Step 1

01: You are going to locate the chrome ring on the bottom of your shifer. The will twist clockwise and down to expose the torx screw holding the shifter knob on. Go ahead and remove the screw and the knob will pull straight off.

Step 2

02: Using your plastic trim removal tool, pop the console up at the back side of it. Once you have it started you can pry the entire console up. Please be very easy on this, if you just pull up hard you may break the console. Nice and easy and the clip will release themselves. You can also use the trim remover to put it near the clip and pry up right there. Take your time on this as you do not want anything to break.

Step 3

03: Use your small screwdriver or TL-164 to depress the small retaining tabs on the electrical connectors and unplug them. Just take your time on this one, they can be difficult but if you are gentle they will not break and they will come out.

Step 4

04: Once you have removed the console you can just lay it to the side, now you have to remove the lower console that is bolted in. There is a cover on the very back of it, right in between the seats. Use your plastic trim remover to pop this cover off. Once you have done this you can use your nut driver and a 10mm socket to unbolt the lower console. There are some electrical connectors in it, you can leave those intact and just move the console out of the way. You may have to pull some of the wiring harness out of the lower console areas so that it will move, just remember where these go so that you can reinstall them correctly. You only need enough to move the console. I moved ours further than needed so that I could take pictures of it.

Step 5

05: Now we can install the shifter, this C7 already had the shifter installed at the time of pictures. You can unbolt your shifter and remove it from the car. On the bottom of your shifter is a plastic button; you need to use a flat blade screwdriver to remove this. It will just pop off and you can reinstall it on your new shifter. Bolt your new shifter in place, snug the bolts down on it, you do not want to over tighten these.  I would recommend installing the shaft on the shifter before installing into the car. It will be much easier. Inside the packaging is a aluminum round spacer, go ahead and attach this to the top of the shifter, there are instructions for it in the package. You will need to cut a hole in the OEM rubber boot to fit around the shifter. You can clearly see what needs to be cut by holding the rubber boot in place. You can carefully trim the rubber boot with a razor blade, be careful though it cuts very easily. Once you have done this you can reassemble the console in the exact opposite that you removed it. When reattaching the clips just gently push down on the console and they will clip back into place. You can now enjoy an improved shift feel of your 7 speed Corvette.

If you have any questions about the installation of this shifter please do not hesitate to call Zip Products at 1-800-962-9632 or you can email us via our website using email or instant Chat.

2014-2019 Corvette Kwik 7-Speed Billet Shifter Install: C7 Corvette Shifter Install

Source: Zip Corvette Parts

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Tool List

Large flat blade screwdriver

Razor blade

¼ ratchet

10mm socket

Plastic trim remover

Small micro flat blade screwdriver

Torx T25 socket

Zip TL-164 (instead of small micro flat blade)

Snap On ratchet nut driver (instead of regular ratchet)

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