2005-2013 C6 Corvette CORSA Exhaust Installation

Chevrolet did a good job on the exhaust system for a stock C6 Corvette, but like with all Corvettes of the past, it has left something to be desired. The release of the Corsa Sport Exhaust System is just what every Corvette owner needs. Let’s get it installed at Zip Corvette Parts, 8067 Fast Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, 1-800-692-9632. Follow along for the complete step-by-step instructions for installing a C6 Corvette Corsa Sport Exhaust System.

Step 1

01: The first thing we will need to do is loosen the accu-seal clamp that holds the stock exhaust system the factory H-pipe. This is a C6 Corvette Corsa Sport exhaust system so we will retain the factory H-pipe, if it were a touring system the factory H-pipe would be replaced.

Step 2

02: Now it’s time to remove the rear O2 sensors. If you are doing this at home and the car is on jack stands, you will not need to remove them. There is enough wire so that you could set the h-pipe on the ground without disconnecting them. If the car is on a lift, you will need to remove them. You can leave them plugged in and just unscrew them from the pipe.

Step 3A
Step 3B

03: Once you have the rear clamp loose, you can start removing the bolts from the front of the H-pipe. Now, you are probably asking yourself; “if we are re-using this, why are we going to take it off?” Well, unlike the C5, the rear mufflers slip on and there is no room for them to go backwards once they are bolted in. We must slip the H-pipe off the muffler instead, so we have to remove this before we start on the mufflers.

Step 4

04: Take the nut driver and remove the power terminals so that you can remove the clock movement from the housing. Make a note as to how the terminals are aligned. When you re-assemble the clock, the terminals will have to be aligned as they were originally to accept the clock power source plug.

Step 5A
Step 5B

05: Before we start unbolting the mufflers, the sway bar needs to be moved out of the way. Remove the top bolts and the nuts on the bottom. Once the stud on the bottom is removed, you push the lower control arm bolt through until the sway bar bracket will come off. The bar just lowers down out of the way.

Step 6A
Step 6B
Step 6C

06: The Corvette muffler bracket bolts are difficult to see but fairly easy to get to. Once these are removed, you will be able to pull the muffler assembly out. Don’t discard them; you will need to reuse the brackets on the new Corsa mufflers.

Step 7A
Step 7B

07: The new Corsa sport mufflers come in two parts: the muffler and the over axle pipe. You will need to connect the two and install the clamp (leave it loose) and then install the assembly. Once you have it in place, go ahead and bolt the assembly. You can now reinstall the h-pipe. Since the Corsa mufflers come in two pieces, it allows you to bolt the h-pipe to the converters before sliding the mufflers over it.

Step 8

08: Now you can slip the Corsa over axel pipe over the factory H-pipe.

Step 9A
Step 9B

09: Once the pipes are all fitted together you can bolt the h-pipe back up to the bracket forward of the transmission. Once these are tightened you can slide the clamps over. Before you tighten down the clamps, you are going to need to align the tips of the exhaust and tighten the clamp on the muffler/axle pipe. Once it is tight and the tips are aligned, you can go ahead and tighten the last clamp at the h-pipe. This is the last step in the process and now you can enjoy the deep sounds of your Corvette’s Corsa Exhaust System.

Installing The CORSA Exhaust System: 2005-2012 C6 Corvette CORSA Exhaust Installation

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