1968-1982 Corvette Carpet Installation

Our Millennium project 1974 Stingray is receiving a new carpet set, but instead of the original tan, this shark is getting the Torch Red of the 90’s courtesy of Zip Corvette Parts, 8067 Fast Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, 1-800-962-9632. This is keeping with our Millennium Yellow C5 color scheme of yellow exterior with bright red carpet and seats with black door panels, dash, and interior plastics.

When ordering carpet for your Corvette, don’t buy the real cheap stuff. Zip Corvette’s carpet sets include the original jute padding and correct matching binding as applicable. It is also all made in the U.S.A. and the colors are exactly as original.

While this is not a difficult installation and you should be able complete the job over a weekend, it is definitely a procedure where you measure twice and cut once. It is much easier to trim carpet than to add carpet after mis-measuring or “guesstimating.” And a quick tip about cutting – I started with a pair of heavy shears and a razor knife, but it was a pair of my wife’s kitchen utility scissors that really came through for me. With them, I was able to do thin trimming and cut small circles very easily. I found them highly maneuverable in tight areas.

So if your C3 Corvette is in need of new carpet, whether it’s simply a factory-original replacement or a color change like ours, follow along as we replace the carpet in our ’74 to match our Millennium Makeover.

Step 1

01: All the C3 Corvette carpet pieces from Zip Corvette come pre-cut, but be prepared to do some trimming for an exact fit. Notice that the jute is glued to the back of the carpet – nice touch.

Step 2

02: Here we have removed the doorsill and the sill, along with the center console, passenger seat, and seat belt return. You can clearly see our heavily worn carpet that’s covered with stains and bleached areas.

Step 3

03: We started in the back first. After removing our Corvette’s old carpet, this is what you’re faced with. Just remember, beauty is only skin deep.

Step 4

04: Begin by installing one of the rear side pieces. They are molded, so it may be a little tricky to scoot it around in place.

Step 5

05: After the side is in, a slice can be made (center) so the seat belt cover tab can come through.

Step 6

06: Whenever possible, lay the new carpet on top of the old to determine where to make holes or slices. Here we are making the three holes for the grommets on the back wall that holds the floor and rear interior light in place.

Step 7

07: Now that the back panel is in, we are letting the excess hang over into the storage compartment area to be trimmed later. Be sure to tuck the carpet into the back wall as tight as you can get it.

Step 8

08: In some places, you can replicate the old carpet by laying the old onto the new and transferring the holes and tracing the sides for trimming.

Step 9

09: We removed the storage compartment and disassembled the doors from the main frame to paint it black.

Step 10

10: This is a good time to clean up the hardware. Use 400 steel wool for a nice shine.

Step 11

11: Our storage compartment doors are now ready to be installed. The red and the black together is quite striking.

Step 12

12: Now that is one cool compartment area. Painting the hard trim with black really helped bring our red and black interior together.

Step 13

13: When trimming the carpet for the compartment doors, trim the carpet to the edge of the opening but trim the jute to the outer side of the ridge because if the jute went over the ridge along with the carpet it would be to high. Trimming like this lets the carpet be held in place by the compartment frame.

Step 14

14: Here our passenger shell slips right into place. We just need a little trimming here and there to fit. Using the original as a pattern we were able to mark where the slices need to be made for the seats and seat belt receiver.

Step 15

15: Once the floor pieces are in, the speaker covers can be installed. Some trimming was required to get that perfect fit here.

Step 16

16: Trimming around the seat belt is easy. Just slice carpet towards the back of the car as the original carpet was done.

Step 17

17: Our new seat bolts were part of our interior kit, as supplied by Zip Corvette.

Step 18

18: Here we have the driver’s area carpet in along with the seat, speaker cover, and new doorsill in place.

Step 19

19: After reinstalling the center console, all we need now is some cool floor mats to protect our shining gem.

1968-1982 Corvette Carpet Installation: Installing New Carpet in our 1974 Corvette Stingray

The Author would like to thank Scott Coral of Greg Donahue Collector Car Restorations, Inc. for his assistance with this article.

Source: Zip Corvette Parts
8067 Fast Lane | Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | (800) 962-9632

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  1. Harvey

    Sure looks easy! Except for the three seat track bolts that broke because they were so rusted; oh wait, I forget the rusted door sill screws and stripped out heads; oh, one more thing, well you get the idea…

    1. Joseph Schiaffo

      New screws and tap set should take o care of that u have to expect to Change
      All screws on a car that over 50 years old.

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