The Best Corvette Car Covers from Zip

Every Corvette owner needs a car cover to protect their investment from unwanted scratches, fingerprints, dents, harsh weather, debris and pollutants when stored. Zip has a wide inventory of the best Corvette car covers to meet your specific needs – indoor, outdoor…even custom covers to match your Corvette!

1984-1990 MaxTech Car Cover – Highly rated, this car cover provides affordable protection for your C4 Corvette for both OUTDOOR or INDOOR storage. MaxTech cover provides a 4-layer construction at an affordable price. The cover is not waterproof but is breathable meaning it allows water to evaporate instead of being trapped against the paint. Effectively blocking out light moisture, heavy rain, dirt and pollutants while letter air pass through. Gray material. Designed to fit 1984-1990 Corvettes except ZR1 models. Includes front and rear elastic corners for a custom snug fit, correctly placed mirror pockets and non-scratch tie-down grommets to secure your car cover from heavy wind or would-be thieves. Storage bag, tie down cable and cable lock complete the package.

1953-2019 Covercraft Form Fit Car Cover (Specify Application) – Covercraft’s Form Fit car covers are their most luxurious indoor car cover available – custom cut and manufactured specifically for your Corvette. Manufactured from super soft Polyester knit Spandex. This cover truly fits, hugs and accentuates every curve of your Corvette. Breathable material prevents moisture vapor and heat buildup, while offer excellent protection against dust, dents, and dings. Form Fit’s soft touch is not only perfect for your paint, but it’s easy on the eyes as well.

2020-2023 SuperStretch Indoor Car Cover w/C8 Emblem – Form-fitted SuperStretch car covers are designed to protect your 2020-2023 Corvette while allowing those beautiful C8 Corvette body lines to be on display in your garage. Perfect indoor protection from dirt, dust, nicks, bumps and scratches. Only the SuperStretch indoor covers feature a GM licensed color emblem applied to the front. Elasticized, hemmed seams in the front and back assure the cover will stay snug. Made of an elastic synthetic fabric designed for superior protection while it molds to the contours of your Corvette. SuperStretch covers are lined with a unique fleece material to keep your Corvette’s finish in pristine condition.

Zip has the best Corvette Car Covers for every generation.

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