C3 Corvette Convertible Top Replacement from Zip

Do you know the average lifespan of a convertible top? According to industry experts, a quality vinyl top should last 3-5 years and quality canvas will give you 7-10 years. Lots of factors can affect the lifespan including usage and exposure to elements.

So how do you know when it’s time for a 1968-1982 Convertible Top Replacement? Other than knowing the average life expectancy, there are other hints to look for. Discoloration, sagging and/or pulling at the seams are common indicators of wear and tear. Mold, mildew and a rusty convertible top frame are also indicators of trouble.

Zip has the convertible top replacement options you are looking for!

1968-1975 Corvette Convertible Top Assemblies – Zip’s complete convertible top package includes an all-new assembled frame with new canvas, pads, straps, latches, weatherstrip and hardware. Top, latches and weatherstrips must be installed once the frame is fitted to the car. Available in tan, black and white!

1968-1975 Corvette Convertible Top Kit (Stayfast Cloth) – The sun’s harmful UV rays will wreak havoc on your C3 Corvette convertible top. Original tops become dry and brittle, cracking when the top is lowered and raised to the point in which new weatherstrip seals can no longer keep Mother Nature out of your interior. Zip Corvette can not only help return your C3 Corvettes to its original condition, but we can also provide the custom look of Stayfast material!

1968-1975 Corvette Convertible Top Restoration Kits – Return your Shark’s soft top to original condition using correct, O.E.M. style hardware. Kits include a new convertible top, stainless rear window trim tips, convertible top frame hardware rebuild kit, deluxe pads and straps, tack strip material, weatherstrip package and related hardware. All components are made in the USA. Our reproduction convertible tops match the factory original in fit, finish and appearance.

Don’t need a full replacement? Zip has convertible top hardware and cleaner to get your top back in shape!

Shop all C3 Corvette Convertible Top Replacements here.

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