C2-C3 Corvette Front Suspension Kits from Zip

Pot holes and poor road conditions aren’t the only culprits that wreak havoc on your Corvette’s front suspension. In fact, its worst enemy is TIME. Front suspensions were simply not designed to last the 25, 30 and even 40 years of Corvette life that we are seeing today. Lack of maintenance can also perpetuate problems – those “Zerk” fittings are there for a reason!

The effects of a worn-out front suspension can be substantial: poor tire wear, ill handling Corvettes at highway speed and the inability to maintain a proper alignment. If your Corvette is due for a front suspension rebuild, Zip has everything you need in one complete kit! We stock correct, polyurethane and rubber Corvette Front Suspension Rebuild Kits:

1963-1982 Corvette Front Suspension Rebuild Kits (Correct) are specifically designed for the concours restoration. These kits feature the most correct reproduction front suspension components available.

1963-1982 Corvette Front Suspension Deluxe Rebuild Kits (Polyurethane) have everything needed for your front end rebuild to keep your Corvette’s alignment and maintain proper tire wear. Also available in a standard kit for a basic front end rebuild.

1963-1982 Corvette Front Suspension Deluxe Rebuild Kits (Rubber) include attaching hardware and rubber boots. Control arm bushings and sway bar end link bushings are rubber. Suspension components are high quality as used by Zip Corvette in our own suspension rebuilds. Also available in a standard kit for a basic front end rebuild.

If you possess above average mechanical ability and have some specialized tools at your disposal, you can rebuild your front suspension yourself! 

Read Zip’s Tech Article “1963-1982 Corvette Front Suspension Rebuild” for easy to understand, step-by-step instructions and installation photos. You’ll also want to have the correct manuals handy as they will supply you with all of the correct torque specifications.

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