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How to install C4 Corvette Door Window Seals

1984-1996 Corvette Door Outer Window Seal Replacement

Not for the first time DIY mechanic but a great resource if you are ready to replace those old cracked window seals.

How to replace the Headlight Motor Gear in a C4 Corvette

1984-1987 Corvette Headlight Motor Gear Replacement

Great first project that can help get your C4 Corvettes headlights working again.


C4 Corvette Dressed for the Nines

Car magazines can get you in trouble. Just ask David Stone, a good old boy from Arkansas, who says, “In ‘95, I was reading Hot Rod and they were talking about Vortech Superchargers and how good they’d make a car run....

Installing Zip Products’ Repro Door Panels

With the newest of C4s being nearly 20 years old, interior trim service or restoration is on the minds of many who own the ’84-’96 cars. Let’s take door panels. There are two reasons you might remove them. Fir...