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1957-1975 Corvette Horn Rebuild

Does only one horn in your dual horn system work? Do your Corvette horns sound like a cow with a stomach ache? We all know what the solution is. Replace the horns. There is nothing wrong with this solution, but what if you want...

1956-1982 Corvette Driveshaft U-Joint Replacement

The only link between your Corvette’s transmission and the rear end is the driveshaft. All of your car’s power is transferred to the rear end through the driveshaft. It is an integral part of the drivetrain which is...


1963-1982 Corvette Clock Quartz Rebuild

The one common problem most 1963-1982 Corvettes have is a clock that does not work. These electric clocks all seem to self destruct or if they do work, they are so slow, you might as well not have a clock at all. The remedy for...