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1977-1982 Corvette Steering Wheel & Horn Button Installation

Has your padded steering wheel seen better days?  It seems that universal vinyl wraps or duct tape seem to be the most common way to repair these steering wheels.  These repairs are now a thing of the past.  Zip Corvette P...


1963-1982 Corvette Trailing Arm, Strut Rod & Spring Mount Replacement

Replacing the rear control arms in a 63 to 82 Corvette is one project most people and repair shops want to avoid. Granted, it does take more than the average mechanical ability and some special tools, but it is not an impossibl...


1963-1976 Corvette Steering Relay Rod Rebuild

On manual steering 1963-1976 Corvettes, the relay rod is often overlooked when attempting to fix sloppy steering. However, it can be one of the leading causes of an ill-feeling steering wheel. In a previous article, we showed y...


1963-1982 Corvette Steering Box Rebuild

Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your Corvette, there are certain items that just wear out. The steering box on your Corvette is definitely one of those pieces. Often the steering box lubricant NEVER gets changed ...


1963-1982 Corvette Power Steering Rebuild

Some 700 gallons of power steering fluid later, or so it seemed, I figured that I might have a leak somewhere in the steering system of my 1974 Corvette. After a quick degrease of the undercarriage, I discovered that the power ...


1963-1982 Power Steering Valve, Ram & Pump Rebuild

You back your Corvette out of the garage and there they are…two or three red drops in the area of the power steering components. You hope it will cure itself, but it doesn’t.  Soon, the drops are puddles. Are the l...