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1968-1982 Corvette Headlight Vacuum System Repair

When you turn your headlights on in your 68 to 82 Corvette, does only one headlight lock up into place and the other one sits partially open? Do the headlights come up or go down very slowly? Do you have to help one or both hea...


1968-1982 Door Hinge Spring Replacement & Handle Flap Repair

Do you have to prop your Corvette’s door to keep it open? If so, then your Corvette door hinge spring is either broken, disconnected or missing. The replacement is simple when you have the right part and right tool. All y...


1968-1982 Window Regulator Roller Rebuild

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a 68-82 Corvette owner is to start to roll up your window and find it is going up at a severe angle and will not close.  You may also start to roll it up only to have it drop ...


1978-1982 Corvette Power Door Lock Repair

Have you become so frustrated with your non-working power door locks you’ve decided to take drastic measures to pull open the locks. Well, Bunkie, put away those channel locks. The solution is right at hand. The most comm...


1968-1982 Power Window Motor Replacement

Here’s a project that’s fairly easy to do and only requires standard tools – nothing exotic (assuming you have a clip removal tool). The entire replacement of the power window motor should be completed in about 1....


1968-1982 Corvette Headlight Switch Removal and Installation

You pull your Corvette Headlight switch knob out and your lights go on. All of a sudden they go out, then come back on for no apparent reason. Maybe all of the dash lights have gone out or they only come on at one position on t...


1969-1982 Corvette Door Outer Window Seals Replacement

When your Corvette door glass is rolled up, is there a large gap between the door and outside of the glass? Well, Pilgrim, there shouldn't be. On a Corvette there is a rubber seal that fills this area. It is called the Door Gla...


1969-1982 Corvette Door Handle & Lock Rod Installation

Do you have to pull your Corvette’s inside door handle way past center to open your door from the inside? Maybe the inside handle will no longer release. The only way you can open the Corvette Door from the inside is to r...