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1968-1976 Heat AC Control Panel Rebuild

1968-1976 Corvette Heat/AC Control Panel Rebuild

On 1969-1976 Corvettes, there are many items in the interior that need attention. By now, most of these cars have replacement interiors, but one of the items that is often overlooked is the air conditioning/heater control panel...

1963-1967 Steering Wheel, Horn Button, Stand & Canceling Cam Install

Has this ever happened to you? You turn on your turn signal lever, make your turn and the lever does not come back to the neutral position. Your turn signal just keeps flashing. Just to check it, you try it again and it still d...


1958-1967 Corvette Radio Face Rebuild

You have a dilemma. Your 1958 to 1967 Corvette radio plays perfectly but the exterior face of it looks terrible. The bezel is pitted. The selector slider is worn and the buttons are loose or missing. The repair for these proble...


1963-1982 Corvette Clock Quartz Rebuild

The one common problem most 1963-1982 Corvettes have is a clock that does not work. These electric clocks all seem to self destruct or if they do work, they are so slow, you might as well not have a clock at all. The remedy for...