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1965-1982 Corvette Brake Rotor Replacement

If you are like me, you want your 1967 to 1982 Corvette to stop just as good as it goes.  So when it comes to your brake system, you want it to be of top quality.  You want to install everything one time and be sure that ever...


1965-1982 Corvette Disc Brake Installation

Right now, most 1973-1982 Corvettes are in that middle ground between ultra-collectible and new. They’re still Corvettes, which makes them desirable and prestigious, yet they haven’t reached the value and collectabi...


1967-1982 Corvette Parking Brake Rebuild

When you apply the parking brake in your 1967-1982 Corvette, you expect that the car is going to stay put. But that’s not always the case. This is a typical problem for all 67 to 82 Corvettes.  The design of the parking ...