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C3 Corvette: 68-82

1978 Pace Car Corvette: Setting a New Pace
The 1978 Corvette rekindled the fire.
Red 1981 Corvette: Phases and Changes
The Corvette underwent some subtle changes in 1981.
1971 Corvette
Enemy of the State…and the 1971 LS5 Corvette is proud of it
1969 Corvette
This 1969 Corvette is a survivor from

a time when Americans walked on the moon.

1975 White Corvette
A terminal case…love for her 1975 Corvette is incurable.
1969 Stingray Roadster
The Time Machine: This ’69 Stingray roadster is 31 years young.
1982 Corvette Coupe: Buy on the Fly
Jim and Arlene Martley bought this ’82 Coupe in a hurry.
1969 L36 Corvette
This 1969 Corvette is a cut above the rest.
1981 Corvette: The Wake Up Call
Inside and out, this ’81 Corvette is cherry.
1973 Corvette Coupe: A Family Affair
This 1973 Corvette coupe has a place in the family.
1973 Corvette Summer
Whether you like it or not, the ’73 Corvette from the movie Corvette Summer is a big-screen icon.
1969 L88 Corvette: Sinister in Black
Jeff Spradlin’s 1969 L-88 Corvette roadster represents the baddest of the big-black Corvettes.
1976 Stingray: T-Top Delight
When driving his T-top ’76 Stingray, Al Zizzi has a “Don’t worry, be happy” attitude.
1978 Indy 500 Pace Cars
The 1978 Indy 500 Pace Car replicas created their own spectacle.
ZL1 Corvette
But is it still the King after 31 years?
Twin ’80s
Bill Buck Jr. added a flaming twist to his pair of 1980 Corvettes
78 Da Vette
John Zandy’s Greenwood wide-body has Chicago Vice heritage and radical looks. But how fast will it go?
69 Corvette Dream
Dreams do come true!

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