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C4 Corvette Dressed for the Nines

Car magazines can get you in trouble. Just ask David Stone, a good old boy from Arkansas, who says, “In ‘95, I was reading Hot Rod and they were talking about Vortech Superchargers and how good they’d make a car run....


1959 Fuelie Corvette – The One to Have

Today, someone with a decent stash of cash seeking to buy a high performance sports or musclecar has a sizeable selection to choose from. Those wishing to confine their choices to U.S. shores can consider Vipers, Camaros, Musta...


1966 L79 Corvette – The Choice of Experience

Having owned some 30-year old Corvettes over the years, not to mention serving as a judge at several Corvette shows, you would expect Tim Gilmore of Austin, Texas, to know what he likes in a Corvette. And you'd be right. After ...


Something Special – 1969 L36 Corvette is a cut above the rest

Garry Lansing is a Corvette technician from Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. That means he knows Corvettes inside and out. So when Gary falls in love with a particular Vette, you know it has to be something special. While he’s ow...


Modifying a Corvette Grand Sport – LS is the Best Chevy V8

We are going to start with a new 2011 Corvette Grand Sport, and while it is not a 2012, it is a brand new left-over. The first dyno run was done with 800 miles on the clock. This particular GS was an A6 automatic. The car runs ...