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1978-1982 Corvette T-top Installation

The finishing touches to any 78 to 82 Corvette can be new glass T-Tops, new wheels and tires and a final detail. Zip Corvette Parts, 8067 Fast Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, 1-800-962-9632, supplied a new pair of glass Corvett...


1968-1979 Corvette Carpet & Rear Storage Compartment Replacement

One of the easiest ways to give your Corvette an interior facelift is to install a new carpet set. Carpets get most of the heaviest wear and a dirty, worn carpet will seriously detract from an otherwise nice Corvette interior. ...


1968-1977 Corvette Seat Cover & Foam Installation

The years can take their toll on your Corvette’s interior. The seats especially can get, well, the bottom end of the deal. Some generations of Corvettes can be more challenging than others to enter and exit, often requiring s...


1968-1977 Corvette Door Panel Installation

Door panels are among the most abused Corvette interior parts. Obviously, they get the brunt of wear from being opened and closed – in the rain, snow, mud, and other elements. They also get marred by shoes and any large i...


Dyeing Corvette Interior Plastic & Vinyl Parts

A lot of the new plastic or vinyl interior items that you purchase for your Corvette’s interior do not come color coded to your interior. Most of the times these items come in black or gray and will have to be dyed to match y...

1955-1980 Corvette_Exhaust_Manifold_Detailing_lead

1955-1980 Corvette Exhaust Manifold Detailing

You are going to a show and the engine and engine compartment are detailed but you still have one problem. What are you going to do with those exhaust manifolds? Multi shades of rust clash with those nicely painted heads. You d...


1957-1974 Corvette Ignition Coil Replacement

The ignition coil is the very heart of the fire for older Corvettes, and it’s one of those parts that can fail totally without warning, or give you subtle hints of its imminent demise. The latter was the case with the coil on...

1973-1982 Corvette Emission System Install_lead

1973-1982 Corvette Emission System Install

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to install that missing emission system on your Corvette. Back in the Sixties to Early Eighties, one of the first things that you did was to remove the horsepower robbing smog system...


How to Rebuild 1965-1982 Corvette Rear Trailing Arm & Wheel Bearings

For this week’s article, we went to Zip Corvette Parts so we could see what goes into one of their trailing arm rebuilds. We will be doing this in a two-part article because


1977-1982 Corvette Steering Wheel & Horn Button Installation

Has your padded steering wheel seen better days?  It seems that universal vinyl wraps or duct tape seem to be the most common way to repair these steering wheels.  These repairs are now a thing of the past.  Zip Corvette P...


1963-1967 Corvette Radiator & Expansion Tank Replacement

Radiator and expansion tank replacement is a great DIY project. The job can be completed alone though an extra hand would be nice and of course the end result is a Corvette that runs at its ideal temperature maximizing performa...


1963-1982 Corvette Trailing Arm, Strut Rod & Spring Mount Replacement

Replacing the rear control arms in a 63 to 82 Corvette is one project most people and repair shops want to avoid. Granted, it does take more than the average mechanical ability and some special tools, but it is not an impossibl...