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1975-1982 Corvette Tachometer Repair

Turning 7000 RPMs would be very impressive especially in a stock 1978 Corvette with an L48. The only problem is that if you look at the speedometer, you can see that we are not moving. These impressive numbers were not even ach...


1998-2004 Corvette Trunk Lid Strut Replacement

Do you have to use your fingernails to pry up your deck lid every time you open it? Is the use of a prop rod mandatory to keep the deck lid up and open? If you are having these problems on your 1998-2004 C5 Corvette Convertible...

How to install a modern CD Player or Receiver in a C4 Corvette

C4 Corvette Sound System Upgrade: Part 1–Installing a Modern Receiver

Is your 1990-1996 Corvette’s Delco-Bose sound system is acting up? When you put a CD in, does the stereo kick it back and display “Err”? Do your speakers go pop, pop when you turn it on? Volume knob scratchy? ...

How to install Bose Amplifier and Speaker Assembly in a C4 Corvette

C4 Corvette Sound System Upgrade: Part 2–The Bose Amplifier/Speaker Assemblies

One challenge of caring for C4s can be aging sound system components. A C4 with the UU8 or U1F Delco-Bose Music Systems has an “amplifier/speaker assembly” located at each corner of the interior. Each assembly has i...

How to install Bose Speakers on a 1990-1996 C4 Corvette

1990-1996 Corvette Bose Speaker Replacement

Are you tired of having to listen to headphones in your 1990’s C4 Corvette? Without them, all you would get out of your old Delco Bose speakers is loud popping sounds and static. Now there’s a solution from Zip Corvette Pa...

How to install 1984-1996 C4 Corvette Sunvisors

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Sunvisor Installation

Are you afraid of going topless? With your C4 Corvette, that is! How many times have you wanted to drop the top on your car on a beautiful sunny day but your worn and torn Corvette sunvisors were just too ugly to show. So inste...

How to replace the Seat Tracks in a 1984-1996 C4 Corvette

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Seat Track Replacement

Learn how to replace your C4 Corvette power seat tracks: The 1984 Corvette was an engineering marvel to the automotive community, and the following years showed vast improvements. By the end of C4 production, the 1996 model w...


1957-1974 Corvette Distributor Electronic Ignition Conversion

How many times would you have liked to convert your 1957-1974 Corvette to a solid state electronic ignition but a few problems always stood in the way? You had to use a non-stock distributor, had wiring so complicated it took a...


Bleeding Your 1967-1982 Corvette Brake System

Most Corvette owners love to talk about how much horsepower their Corvette is producing or how many cubic inches their running under the hood. And don’t get us wrong we love horsepower, but what good is blasting off a stoplig...

How to install C6 Corvette Corsa Exhaust

2005-2013 C6 Corvette CORSA Exhaust Installation

Corsa always seems to produce a quality product, especially for the C6 Corvette. A new Corsa exhaust is well worth the money, time, and effort when it is all said and done.