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1963-1979 Corvette Half-Shaft U-Joint Replacement

It starts out as a slight squeak in the rear when you make a hard turn at slow or moderate speed. You notice it usually makes its presence known when you turn the same direction each time. You know it is something that just nee...


1978-1982 Corvette Power Door Lock Repair

Have you become so frustrated with your non-working power door locks you’ve decided to take drastic measures to pull open the locks. Well, Bunkie, put away those channel locks. The solution is right at hand. The most comm...


1963-1982 Corvette Power Steering Rebuild

Some 700 gallons of power steering fluid later, or so it seemed, I figured that I might have a leak somewhere in the steering system of my 1974 Corvette. After a quick degrease of the undercarriage, I discovered that the power ...


1963-1967 Corvette Tail Light Installation

An easy way to enhance the appearance of the tail end of your 63 to 67 Corvette is to replace the tail light assemblies. The mid-year tail light assemblies always seem to get quite a bit of abuse. Road grime, stones and condens...


1967-1982 Corvette Parking Brake Rebuild

When you apply the parking brake in your 1967-1982 Corvette, you expect that the car is going to stay put. But that’s not always the case. This is a typical problem for all 67 to 82 Corvettes.  The design of the parking ...


1968-1982 Power Window Motor Replacement

Here’s a project that’s fairly easy to do and only requires standard tools – nothing exotic (assuming you have a clip removal tool). The entire replacement of the power window motor should be completed in about 1....